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Last Updated: 13th November 2011

National Burn Prevention Meeting welcomes Mary Creagh MP

The first national British Burn Association (BBA) Prevention Meeting took place on Friday 20th May at Birmingham Council House hosted by the Lord Mayor and organised by Dr Amber Young, BBA Prevention Lead.

The event was hosted by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham and attended by the Labour MP for Wakefield, Mary Creagh MP. Mary took time out of her busy schedule to address the meeting as keynote speaker. She spoke brilliantly and from the heart to a totally engaged audience. Her emphasis was on the politician’s ability to effect change in injury prevention; a cause very close to Mary’s heart as her son was admitted to hospital with scald injuries from a hot drink. He has since made a full recovery but this made Mary determined to do all she could to help prevent similar injuries for other children.

In 2006 she launched a campaign aimed at preventing scalds in the home. She brought together medical experts, campaign groups, a well-known celebrity and victims of scalds to lobby the government to change building regulations to prevent people being burned by scalding hot bath water. Mary pressured the government to make the fitting of a water temperature regulating device (Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV)) compulsory in new bathrooms. In 2009, after a 3 year “Hot Water Burns Like Fire” campaign, the government confirmed that from April 2010 TMVs would be fitted to all new and refurbished homes in England. This was one of the most major advances in burn care prevention in recent times.

Of those attending the meeting were staff from clinical teams, public health services, fire brigades, Ambulance Trusts, charities and patients. The speakers were leaders in their field and at the forefront of UK prevention work. Topics included hot drink injury prevention, NICE guidelines, current UK burn prevention perspectives and research programmes and how this work could be coordinated and developed. The meeting was very well received with all comments positive and enthusiastic.

Amber Young, BBA Prevention Chair and Children’s Burns Lead, South West UK Children’s Burn Centre, Frenchay Hospital Bristol, summarised:
“180 children are seen in hospital every day with scalds due to hot drink spillages. We need a co-ordinated approach across the country to change this and other entirely preventable burn injuries for the benefit of the UK population. If this, the 1st British Burn Association Prevention Day, raises the profile of burn injury prevention it will have made a difference to UK healthcare and to current and future burn patients. Mary Creagh has made previous major advances in the field of burn prevention and we are hugely appreciative of her time and for speaking so eloquently today”