The NHS Critical Care Virtual Summit: Future-Proofing ICU

25th May 2021 @ 10:45 am – 2:15 pm
Virtual Summit
Free for BBA Members & NHS Staff

What is Critical Care?

Critical care units (CCUs) are specialist hospital wards that treat patients who are seriously ill and need constant monitoring. These patients might, for example, have problems with one or more vital organs or be unable to breathe without support.

The country’s focus on critical care services in England has increased because of Covid-19. A significant proportion of hospitalised patients with Covid-19 require help with breathing, including mechanical ventilation and other services critical care staff and units provide.

Delivering sufficient critical care capacity goes beyond physical infrastructures – such as having more beds and equipment – and requires sufficient numbers of trained and available staff.

The NHS Critical Care Virtual Summit: Future-Proofing ICU conference aims to celebrate the current efforts of ICU staff, in this time of unprecedented strain, via best practice and practical insight. We will also take a look at some key areas of potential improvement including:

  • Understanding intensive care staffing, occupancy and capacity
  • Infection control
  • Crisis management and emergency preparedness
  • Clinical Information Systems

NHS staff and services will continue to be tested to their limits over the coming months, this short but high-value session aims to bring peers together from across the UK to share best practice and outcomes.

Registration is now open and is free for all NHS staff.

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