Dan’s Fund for Burns Weekend for Adult Burn Survivors: 20-22.9.19

Given the success of the Children’s, Family and Young Adults Weekends, Dan’s Fund for Burns (DFFB) is planning to offer a Weekend for Adult Burn Survivors in the UK, aged 25 and over,  September 20-22, 2019 in Oxford, https://www.dansfundforburns.org/ 

The main aim for the weekend is to bring together a group of burn survivors for a relaxed weekend where they can meet other burn survivors share experiences and have fun.  The venue is lovely with direct access to the Thames footpath and Oxford City Centre only a short walk away along the river.  This will allow for an excursion to Oxford as well as activities available at the venue.  We are putting together a programme of activities, including a dinner-dance on Saturday evening.

Although DFFB will cover the major costs of the weekend, attendees will need to contribute £50 to secure a place as well as covering their own transportation costs.  Burn survivors attending are welcome to bring along one adult guest (also required to pay the reservation fee and transportation).  Anyone experiencing financial hardship that would prevent them from attending the weekend, can contact Joy Huston by email at joyhuston@dansfundforburns.org or by phone: 01344 622 977 for a confidential chat.

The pdf flyer below of the event announcement can be shared on social media or via email.  Any adult burn survivors interested in attending can contact info@adultburnsupportuk.org for more information on the DFFB Weekend and to find out how to register.

We hope the event will bring together adult burn survivors for a weekend of fun and relaxation.

Download the Dan’s Fund for Burns Weekend Event flyer