About the BBA

The British Burn Association, formed in 1968, is a National non-profit making organisation which enjoys charitable status. Membership is not only available to physicians, surgeons, scientists, nurses, members of ancillary medical services and non-medical workers actively engaged in some aspect of the care of the burned patient, but also to persons interested in playing an active part in attempting to reduce the incidence and noxious effect of burning injury.

The Association holds an Annual Scientific Meeting (usually in April or May) at which a wide variety of original papers are presented. The meetings normally conclude with the Wallace Lecture that is delivered by a speaker who has made outstanding contributions to the field of burn care.

A burn care teaching course also runs several times per year, the Emergency Management of Severe Burns course, which is for persons not actively engaged in burn treatment but who are interested in this topic and clinically have to deal with it occasionally. Other meetings on particular topics are also organised.

The Association is pleased to suggest speakers on particular aspects of burns to organisers of other symposia etc; the expertise available also includes all aspects of burn prevention.

Whilst the Association actively encourages and promotes burn education and prevention, it does not endorse any specific products or companies.