Welcome to the BBA

The BBA is a non-profit making charity for people interested in supporting and promoting burn care in the UK and Ireland, for the benefit of the general public. Its core aims are to educate and to encourage research into all aspects of burn injury, its treatment and prevention.

The Association hosts educational events, instructional courses and an annual scientific conference at venues around the country.

It also provides a voice for members working in all areas of burn care.

*****STOP PRESS*****  BBA Annual Conference Bristol 4th – 6th May 2022:

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To make a donation to the BBA in support of the relief of those suffering from burn injuries, simply email info@britishburnassociation.org and our Manager will contact you.

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Stay Safe this Winter:

Download the BBA Staying Safe in Winter Poster

Warning by the British Burn Association about Steam Inhalation and Scalds over the Winter period.

Each winter, Burns Units see an increase in serious injuries to both children and adults related to the practice of ‘steam inhalation’.
This practice tends to involve carrying bowls of scalding hot water which often spill and cause injury and hospital admissions.
Professor Shokrollahi from the British Burn Association stated: ‘Not only have we seen spikes of these injuries in the winter months, we also saw a rise during the peaks of the Coronavirus pandemic. From a detailed look at the literature, there is no evidence that steam inhalation is effective whilst at the same time presenting substantial risk of harm, hospital admission, requirement for skin grafts and resultant scars.
Our advice is – if you have symptoms or cold, flu or coronavirus, take over-the-counter remedies or those prescribed by your doctor but please avoid large containers of scalding hot water to prevent harm to you or your loved ones’.



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