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Burn Associations

American Burn Association http://www.ameriburn.org
Australian and New Zealand Burn Association http://www.anzba.org.au
European Burn Association http://www.euroburn.org
International Society for Burn Injuries http://www.worldburn.org

Burn Networks

Midlands Burn Care Network http://www.midlandsburnnetwork.org.uk
Northern Burn Care Network http://www.nbcn.nhs.uk
London & South East of England Burn Network http://www.lsebn.nhs.uk
South West Burn Care Network No website available at present
National Managed Clinical Network for Care of Burns in Scotland (COBIS) http://www.cobis.scot.nhs.uk


British Association of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons http://www.bapras.org.uk
Chartered Society of Physiotherapists http://www.csp.org.uk
Royal College of Anaesthetists http://www.rcoa.ac.uk
Association of Burns and Reconstructive Anaesthetists http://www.abra.org.uk
European Club for Paediatric Burns http://www.ecpb.info/
Royal College of Nursing http://www.rcn.org.uk
Burns Journal http://www.elsevier.nl
Royal College of Surgeons http://www.rcseng.ac.uk
College of Occupational Therapists http://www.cot.co.uk
British Association of Hand Therapists http://www.hand-therapy.co.uk
British Psychological Society http://www.bps.org.uk
British Dietetic Association http://www.bda.uk.com
Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists http://www.rcslt.org
British Association of Social Workers http://www.basw.co.uk
National Association of Health Play Specialists http://www.nahps.org.uk


Children’s Accident and Prevention Trust http://www.capt.org.uk
Department of Health http://www.doh.gov.uk
Department of Trade and Industry http://www.dti.gov.uk
DTLR http://www.dtlr.gov.uk
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents http://www.rospa.co.uk
Children’s Burns Trust http://www.cbtrust.org.uk


The Scar Free Foundation http://www.scarfree.org.uk
Scar Free Centre for Conflict Wound Research https://www.conflictwoundresearch.org.uk/
Blond McIndoe Research Foundation https://www.blondmcindoe.org/
Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory http://www.smtl.co.uk
Tissue Viability Society http://www.tvs.org.uk
The Trauma Audit & Research Network http://www.tarn.ac.uk
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents http://www.woundcaresociety.org
European Wound Management Association http://www.ewma.org
European Tissue Repair Society http://www.etrs.org
Wound Healing Society http://www.woundheal.org


British Association for Accident & Emergency Medicine http://www.emergencymed.org.uk/BAEM
Faculty of Emergency Medicine http://www.faem.org.uk
Medical Devices Agency http://www.medical-devices.gov.uk
National Institute for Clinical Excellence http://www.nice.org.uk
Ministry of Defence http://www.mod.uk/defenceinternet/home
National Transfusion Service http://www.blood.co.uk


Changing Faces http://www.changingfaces.org.uk
Burns Survivors Association http://www.burnsurvivors.com
Disfigurement Guidance Centre http://www.timewarp.demon.co.uk
Burns Support Group Database http://www.burnsupportgroupsdatabase.com
British Red Cross http://www.redcross.org.uk
British Association of Skin Camouflage http://www.skin-camouflage.net
Burned Children’s Club http://www.burnedchildrensclub.org.uk
Manchester Burn Camp http://www.manchesterburnscamps.co.uk
Dan’s Fund for Burns http://www.dansfundforburns.org
Katie Piper Foundation http://www.katiepiperfoundation.org.uk
Children’s Burns Trust http://www.cbtrust.org.uk
Children’s Burns Foundation http://www.cbf-uk.org
Scottish Burned Children’s Club http://www.theburnsclub.org.uk