National Burn Care Referral Guidance

National guidance on referral is aimed at ensuring patients are referred to a burn care service with the relevant level of expertise and specialised resources to optimise treatment and recovery.  The National Burn Care Referral Guidance document was developed to answer the question “What types of burn injuries need referral to which level of specialised burn care?”

It was published in 2012 by the National Network for Burn Care, an NHS body that includes representation from the four Burn Care Networks for England & Wales, NHS Specialised Commissioners, Patient Representatives and the British Burn Association.  The development of the guidance was informed by an expert multidisciplinary group and comments from other stakeholders.  The guidance is based on the general principals outlined in the National Burn Care Review (2001)  but now replaces the referral guidance contained within it.

Download National Burn Care Referral Guidance