AB Wallace Memorial Lectures

Photo of A B WallaceBiography of Alexander Burns Wallace
(14 November 1906- 14 December 1975)

 A B Wallace CBE, FRSE, M.Sc.,FRCSE,(1906–1974) was a Scottish Plastic Surgeon and a founding member and first president (1951) of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons. He was also the first editor of the British Journal of Plastic Surgery. Among his achievements are the rule of nine in 1951 and the exposure treatment of burns.

He was instrumental in the creation of the International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI) in order to lobby governments to legislate for the prevention of burns and improve burns’ care. He organised and hosted the Second International Congress on Research in Burns in Edinburgh 1965, where the ISBI was born, and he was elected as the Secretary-General.

AB Wallace Memorial Lectures:

2024 Annual Meeting - Birmingham
Ms Jacky Edwards (Manchester): Healing Patients and Teams
2023 Annual Meeting - Dublin
Mr Ken W Dunn FRCS(plast) (Manchester): Past, Present and Future of Burn Care in the Digital Age
Ken Dunn's Biography

2022 Annual Meeting - Bristol
Professor Nichola Rumsey OBE (Bristol): When the Going Gets Tough.
Professor Nichola Rumsey OBE's Biography
2021 Annual Meeting - Virtual
Professor Naiem S M Moiemen (Birmingham): The Next Steps
Naiem S M Moiemen's Biography
2019 Annual Meeting - Leeds
Professor Peter Dziewulski (Chelmsford): Sometimes Wrong, Never in Doubt - Reflections of a Burns Surgeon
Peter Dziewurski's Biography
2018 Annual Meeting – Swansea
Dr Amber Young (Bristol): Improving Outcomes for Patients with Burns - Why is Research the Answer?
Amber Young's Biography
2017 Annual Meeting – London
Dr Sarah Smailes (Chelmsford): “Wake Up, Breathe and Move” – a Physiotherapist’s Perspective of Progress in Burns Critical Care
2016 Annual Meeting  - Newcastle
Professor Fiona M Wood FRACS AM (Australia): Striving for Excellence in Burn Care
2015 Annual Meeting  - Birmingham
Dr Chris Roberts : The role of architecture in obtaining successful burn healing outcomes
2014 Annual Meeting  - Chelmsford
Ms Pat Wade MBE
2013 Annual Meeting – Liverpool
Roy M Dudley-Southern MBE: Burn Care: The Ends of the Spectrum
2012 Annual Meeting – Edinburgh
Dr David Herndon (USA): Hypermetabolism in Burn Injury
2011 Annual Meeting – Salisbury
Dr David Lord (Manchester): Gas – Anaesthetic Musings in Burn Care
2010 Annual Meeting – East Grinstead
Mr Philip Gilbert (East Grinstead): We Know Where We Have Come From, But Where Are We Going?
2009 Annual Meeting – Belfast
Mr Chris Walker (Chelmsford): As It Was In The Beginning
2008 Annual Meeting – Bristol
Mr W. A. Dickson (Swansea): A.B. Wallace
2007 Annual Meeting – Swansea
Dr. Keith Judkins (Wakefield): “To sleep, perchance to dream… Ay, there’s the rub” (Hamlet Act 3)
2006 Annual Meeting – Dublin
Mr A H N Roberts (Stoke Mandeville): Burn Care in Disasters and Wars
2005 Annual Meeting – York
Mrs Anne Fowler (Mount Vernon): Burns Nursing: Regression or Progression?
2004 Annual Meeting – Manchester
Mr Peter Davenport (Manchester): Looking Both Ways
2003 Annual Meeting – Edinburgh
Mrs Jenny Collings (Salisbury): Reflections on Rehabilitation
2002 Annual Meeting – Birmingham
Mr John Gowar (Birmingham)
2001 Annual Meeting – Broomfield
Prof. Roy Sanders (Mount Vernon)
2000 Annual Meeting – Newcastle upon Tyne
Mr. John Clark (Roehampton): Reform the Third Way and Feng-Shui
1999 Annual Meeting – Sheffield
Mr. Peter Blond (East Grinstead): Archie As I Knew Him
1998 Annual Meeting – East Grinstead
Mr. James Partridge, Director of “Changing Faces”: Rebuilding life skills after burn injury: from personal experience to practical interventions
1997 Annual Meeting – Bristol
Prof. W. Reid (Glasgow): Burn Care – A Surgeon’s View
1996 Annual Meeting – Swansea
R. Cudmore (Sheffield): Aspects of Paediatric Burn Surgery
1995 Annual Meeting – Dundee
Doreen Cowple (Glasgow): Changing in Nursing over 25 years
1994 Annual Meeting – Nottingham
J. C. Lawrence (Birmingham): Aspects of Burn Research at Birmingham Accident Hospital from 1943-93
1993 Annual Meeting – Liverpool
C. C. Howie (Bangor/Edinburgh): Partners in Care
1992 Annual Meeting – Salisbury
B. Bailey (Stoke Mandeville): Silver Jubilee
1991 Annual Meeting – Stoke Mandeville
P. G. Shakespeare (Salisbury): Looking at Burn Wounds
1990 Annual Meeting – Wakefield
J. W. L. Davies (Glasgow): Challenges for the future in Burn Research and Burn Care
1988 Annual Meeting – Belfast
J. A. D. Settle (Wakefield): Burns – 40 Years On
1987 Annual Meeting – Roehampton
D. Couper (Glasgow): Twenty Years Plus A Burnt Nurse
1986 Annual Meeting – Birmingham
G. Arturson (Uppsala, Sweden): Computer simulation of fluid resuscitation in Thermal Injury

Download A B Wallace’s Thesis for the degree of PhD at University of St Andrews 1973 entitled “Classification of Burns A History of Development:  With Comments for Today and Thoughts for the Future”