The Burn Centre


  • An organized medical system for total care of the burned patient.
  • Includes a medical staff and an administrative staff dedicated to the care of the burned patient.
  • Is properly equipped for the treatment of all aspects the burned patient.
  • Treats adults and or children with burns.
  • Sustains a very high level of experience in treatment of the burned patient.
  • Conducts a certain minimal number of acute procedures and follow up reconstructive surgical procedures per year.

Organizational Structure

The burn centre director

  • The burn centre should be directed by a physician with granted authority to run and coordinate all services for the burned patient.
  • Must be highly experienced in all aspects of burn care with an education of at least 4 years in a burn centre
  • Responsible for strategies, polices and procedures for care of the burned patient.
  • Responsible for safe medical care and proper protocols.
  • Responsible for sufficient qualifications amongst the staff.
  • Responsible for appropriate training, education and research in the centre.
  • Responsible for updated multiple casualty plans including triage, prehospital treatment and initial care.
  • Responsible for accepted accreditation by a Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organization

Staff physicians

  • Staff physicians must have a high expertise in burn treatment achieved by training in a burn centre for at least one year.
  • Must participate in education and research in the burn centre.
  • A burn centre must have at least one full time burn care surgeon (specialist) and one respiratory therapist available in the centre on a 24-hours basis.

Staff nurses

  • Should be led by a registered nurse with years of experience in burn care in a burn centre and sustain proper managerial experience.
  • Patients should have access to a registered nurse, highly experienced in the care of the burned patient, on a 24-hour day level.
  • The centre should be equipped with a sufficient amount of nurses to meet modern standards of care of the burned patient.
  • The nurse should be able to handle all types and degrees of severity of burned patients, critical ill patients, different types of cutaneous wounds and ulcers and all aspects of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation Personal

  • A burn Centre should permanently have assigned physical and occupational therapists to the burn team.
  • Rehabilitation personal should have at least one year of experience in a burn centre.
  • Rehabilitation personal should deal with inpatients as well as outpatients.

Social Work

  • A burn centre should have available social service consultations by an experienced social survive worker on a daily basis.