World Health Organisation Launches New Global Burn Registry

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is making efforts to see that the global problem of burns is accorded importance and attention as a global public health problem.

A major part of WHO’s strategy at this point in time is to standardize data collection allowing for a more rational prioritization of burn prevention needs. In order to achieve that, WHO has developed the Global Burn Registry (GBR).

The GBR data collection form takes approximately 5 minutes to complete, and is filled out during the non-urgent phase of burn care. This simple, check-box driven form has been developed by the WHO and a global network of experts and has been pilot tested in over 60 health facilities across 30 countries.

You can participate by registering your hospital on the WHO website.

Download the GBR Powerpoint Presentation

Download the GBR Poster on how Your Hospital can Participate and Benefit

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