Scar Free Foundation Student Electives:  BBA Awards


Congratulations to the following:

Mr Abhi Yennunandan, University of Exeter Medical School for “What is Clinically Relevant Burn Wound Infection?”

Mr Ter-Er Kusu-Orkar, University of Liverpool for “Prospective Evaluation of the Acute Management of Burns and therefore Scar Burden of a Rural Burns Service in South Africa”

Miss Aoife McElduff, Queen’s University, Belfast for “A Vignette Study to Assess the Attitudes and Actions of Surgeons and other Health Care Professionals in Relation to Aftercare of Burns Patients”

BBA Bell Session Prize
BBA Poster Prizes
BBA Oral Presentation Prizes
A B Wallace Lecture
Matilda Lecture
BBA Laing Essay Prize
Scar Free Foundation Student Electives: BBA Awards