Document Downloads

BBA National Burns Awareness Days
Document Downloads

Download Avoiding Injury in Self Isolation Flyer

Download Steam Inhalation Flyer

Download COBIS Keep Your Children Safe Flyer

Download the 2019 NBAD Tooklit

Download the National Burns Awareness Day 2018 Toolkit

Download the Children Burns Trust Report on the National Burns Awareness Day 2018

Download a letter from the BBA Prevention Sub-Committee Chair, Mr Ken Dunn with details on the Burn Awareness Day 2015

Documents and information for use on the Burn Awareness Day are available for downloading below.  These should be used in conjunction with the information in Mr Ken Dunn’s letter above:

Please find below a letter from Ken Dunn, Chair of the Prevention Sub-Group together with a Burns Awareness Poster and the BBA’s First Aid Position Statement.

Please disseminate the information among your colleagues and display the Burns Awareness Day Poster and the First Aid Position Statement on your hospital notice boards.