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The British Burn Association (BBA) will consider applications for research projects from BBA members either to allow small projects to be completed or to pump-prime projects for a maximum of one year.  Funds will be awarded for consumables, running costs and necessary items of equipment.  Application for personal computers will not normally be considered.  Support for technical staffing costs/salaries will only be considered under exceptional circumstances.

Grants will not normally exceed £1,000.

  1. Applicants must have been a student/full member of the BBA for at least 12 months prior to the date of application.
  1. Applicants must confine their application to the form below, supplying only additional material requested on the form.
  1. The application form can be submitted by post or email, but it must be received by the BBA at least 6 months prior to the date of when funding is required so that it can be discussed at the next BBA Executive meeting. Please note, BBA Executive meetings are held quarterly (dates are available from the Secretariat).
  1. It is important that Ethical Committee/Home Office approval is obtained for all relevant procedures set out in the application before commencing work. If application has not been made to the Ethical Committee/Home Office prior to submission, this must be explained.
  1. Grants will not normally exceed £1000. Half of the grant will be given once the application has been approved by the Executive Committee, the remaining half will be awarded only after submission of the progress report and/or the final report, depending on the nature of the study and at the discretion of the Executive Committee (see point 8 below).
  1. Applicants must include details of financial support obtained from elsewhere and if any departmental resources are devoted to this project.
  1. Justification for support is important and attention should be given for this.
  1. Successful applicants must submit a progress report (not more than one side of A4) to the BBA Honorary Secretary Treasurer no later than 6 months after receipt of the initial grant monies and a final report should be submitted on completion of the work. Reports will be published in the abstract book of the next BBA Annual Scientific Meeting. The BBA Executive Committee may request that selected reports be presented at the meeting as either an oral presentation or poster.
  1. Successful applicants who are subsequently unable to undertake the proposed project, must return the grant monies to the BBA Secretariat within 3 months. The grant may not be used for purposes other than those for which it was awarded, and is not transferable to persons other than those named on the application.
  1. Any work published as a result of the project for which the BBA Research Grant was given, must acknowledge the British Burn Association.
  1. All applications will be considered by the BBA Executive Committee, however, grants will not normally be given to those who have received them within the previous 3 years. Any recipient of a BBA grant who fails to submit an acceptable report and evidence of use of the grant, will not be eligible for further grant applications to the BBA for any awards in the future.  This will be included in the report to the membership at the BBA Annual General Meeting.
  1. The BBA is unlikely to consider repeated applications for the same project.
  1. The BBA reserve the right to reclaim any unused funds directly.
  1. Funding requests for equipment will only be considered if the maintenance costs are underwritten by the University/Hospital where the equipment is to be used.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) / Data Protection Act

Please note:  The British Burn Association (BBA) is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for Data Protection and applying for a BBA Award or Grant, your details will be held by the BBA in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR.

By applying for a BBA Award or Grant, I understand that my details will be shared with the BBA Adjudicating Group and that information and details pertaining to my application will be retained electronically and within the permanent agenda and minutes of the Association.  I understand that should I be successful in obtaining an award or grant, my name and work details may be posted on the BBA website, in the BBA Newsletter or in the BBA Conference Book.

Please note that you have the right to request access to rectify your data, erase it and to object to its processing.  Correspondence regarding your data should be addressed to the Data Controller at 

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Principal Investigator
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In order: Aims of Project, Background, Plan of Investigation, Speculation as to Outcome

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