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Biennially, the EMSB Senate selects a UK representative to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Burn Association (ANZBA).

Details on the selection process for the EMSB Representative to attend ANZBA

Biennially, the EMSB Senate selects a UK representative to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Burn Association (ANZBA).

During their visit, the representative is also expected to attend an EMSB Candidate and Instructor course and the ANZBA Education Committee Meeting.

The purpose of this information is to clarify the selection process and to offer information to those selected on their duties during the trip and the support which the British Burn Association can provide.

The purpose of the visit is to present the BBA EMSB Senate report to ANZBA and report back to the BBA on course developments and ideas to improve the course in the UK. An experienced and active member of the EMSB faculty will be most suited to this.

Application to be the EMSB UK representative is by invitation only as detailed below.

Selection Process

Biennially, a representative will be selected alternating between Instructors and Coordinators. They will be shortlisted by the BBA Secretariat from the BBA Viewpoint database on the following criteria:
They must:

  • Be currently active (activity over last two years)
  • Show long term commitment to EMSB (active member for at least five years total; “breaks” allowable but a total of five years activity needed)
  • Be a current BBA member
  • Not have been the UK representative to the ANZBA meeting within the last 10 years

Those shortlisted will be emailed by the BBA Manager and invited to submit an application, if interested, outlining the reasons why they should be selected. Normally, no fewer than three and no more than five potential representatives will be shortlisted. Recent activity will be the initial deciding factor. If more than five shortlisted candidates arise from the selection process, the top five would be decided by the number of courses they had taught on.

The completed forms will be circulated by the BBA Manager to the active Senate members who will be asked to vote by email. In the event of a tie, the candidate with the highest number of courses in the last two years will be selected. If this still does not select between candidates, it will be decided on the toss of a coin or similar by a neutral third party.

The chosen candidate, the unsuccessful candidates and the Senate will be contacted by email by the BBA Manager to inform them of the outcome of the selection process. The chosen candidate will also be sent a formal letter about the success of the application by the BBA Manager, copying in the National Organiser.

The selection process will be finalised by the end of the September the preceding year to allow time to make arrangements.

Any Coordinator or Instructor previously shortlisted but not selected can be considered again providing they meet the selection criteria.

A list of previous representatives will be held by the BBA Secretariat and will be published on the BBA website.

Funding Available

The BBA will reimburse the following costs:

  • Economy class return flight to conference city in Australia or New Zealand plus onward/return from airport to venue(s)
  • ANZBA conference fee
  • Accommodation for duration of the ANZBA conference and associated EMSB courses only (usually around five or six days)
    Travel to and from, airport in UK
  • Travel in Australia and New Zealand to the accommodation, conference, meeting and EMSB Courses

The BBA will not fund:

  • Subsistence costs
  • Airport parking
  • Travel Insurance or personal indemnity or any costs incurred by inadequate medical or other insurance cover
  • Costs for accompanying person (accommodation, travel, flights etc.)
  • Other costs not previously agreed in advance by National Organiser

Accommodation and travel especially should be booked as early as possible in advance to ensure the lowest price.

Please note that the BBA will not make any travel arrangements on the representative’s behalf. The UK representative will need to pay up front but the BBA is happy to reimburse as soon as costs are incurred and more than one expenses claim form can be submitted to facilitate this.

The representative will be expected to arrange suitable travel insurance including medical cover. If you cannot travel for any reason, the BBA will expect any costs already paid by the BBA to be reimbursed.

Duties as Representative

  • To attend the EMSB courses (Instructor and Candidate) held around the time of the conference as an Instructor/Coordinator
  • To attend the ANZBA Education Committee Meeting and present the BBA EMSB report (provided by the National Organiser)
  • To attend the ANZBA conference
  • To submit (within two months of return) a report of the visit including the benefits of attending, what has been learnt on how the EMSB runs in Australia and New Zealand and course updates / feedback from the Education Committee. An example of a previous report produced by Tania Cubison is attached.

The BBA will put you in contact with the ANZBA Secretariat to clarify dates and times but please do this well in advance of the trip as the ANZBA Secretariat office closes at the time of the conference.

The BBA will put you in contact with the ANZBA Secretariat to clarify dates and times but please do this well in advance of the trip as the ANZBA Secretariat office closes at the time of the conference.

Please note that there are two chains of communications needed with ANZBA:

  1. With the ANZBA conference organisers to book conference attendance and
  2.  With ANZBA Secretariat to confirm dates, times, venues of the EMSB course
    events and the Education Committee. These may be in a different place to the
    conference venue.

Contacts for the ANZBA Secretariat will be provided in the letter confirming the representative’s selection. The conference organiser can be identified from the ANZBA website.

We suggest that the representative contacts ANZBA early to confirm exact dates and places for the trip.

If the representative has any questions or concerns, they should speak to the EMSB Coordinator or the National Organiser.

B. Martin
National Organiser
April 2016 Approved at the EMSB Senate Meeting 28 April 2016

Download the BBA EMSB Representatives to ANZBA from 1997 to 2018

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